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About the Florida Geological Survey

Florida Geological Survey's Mission:

Collect, interpret and provide objective quality geologic information about Florida.

The Florida Geological Survey is the premier state government institution specializing in geoscience research and assessments to provide objective quality data and interpretations. Environmental, conservation, and public-welfare issues are addressed through applied field and laboratory investigations supported by our geologic sample and research libraries as well as collaborative efforts within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and with other regulatory or policy-making entities. The FGS is dedicated to facilitating a culture of environmental stewardship. This is achieved by proactively sharing knowledge through accessible geoscience data, active participation on advisory committees, research and assessment publications, websites, public and technical presentations and educational activities.

FGS photo collage showing varied activities of FGS staff

Core Values

  • Service – Excellence in service to our customers, treating each other with dignity and respect
  • Stewardship – Environmental protection and conservation through research, assessments, education and outreach
  • Excellence – Objective, quality science and information
  • Teamwork – Team is implicitly valued and mutually respected as we remain united in our successes, failures and challenges
  • Innovation – embracing innovative ideas and intellectual advancement to carry out the FGS and DEP missions
  • Integrity – Professionalism and ethical standards
  • Collaboration – Partner with others to achieve common goals
The FGS is divided into 5 sections
  • Geological Investigations Section - Collects and interprets statewide surface and subsurface geophysical and geological data, conducts statewide geologic, geomorphic and mineral resource mapping, and provides geological expertise to state and federal agencies, and the public, when issues arise that might impact or be impacted by the geology of Florida.
  • Applied Geoscience Services Section - Conducts aquifer vulnerability assessments, surface water – groundwater interaction assessments, and hydrogeological assessments and modeling for regulatory and land use applications.
  • Geological Sample Acquisition and Management Section - Maintains the FGS Geological Sample Repository and provides access to the Repository for research by the academic, scientific, regulatory, and private sector communities, installs monitoring wells in support of scientific projects, conducts borehole geophysical logging and ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys in support of subsurface mapping efforts, and maintains R/V GeoQuest to conduct offshore geophysical data acquisition and geological sample collection.
  • Geological Data and Information Management Section - Facilitates access to, organizes, and determines accuracy of FGS geologic information, correlates wells throughout the state, integrates those records with the well samples stored at the FGS Repository through the use of databases and Geographic Information Systems, and maintains the library of FGS publications.
  • Administration Section - The Adminstration Section manages personnel, budget, grants, purchasing and property, coordinates geologically-related legislative issues, and oversees strategic planning, process improvement and communications.

Last updated: July 17, 2015