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Florida Geological Survey Photo Gallery - Petroleum Exploration Links
Drill rig in Florida Aerial view of rig Drilling platform Well head
Drill rig. Aerial view of rig. Drilling platform. Well head.
Track where seimic line is laid Drilling holes for seismic charges Seismic charges Charge being lowered into hole
Track for seismic line. Drilling holes for seismic charges. Seismic charges. Charge being lowered into hole.      
Sand dunes, Brooksville Ridge, Citrus County Charge going off After charge Exxon Jay Field
Charge in hole. Charge going off. After charge. Exxon Jay Field.
Oil production in southern Florida Oil well pumps in southern Florida Well site inspection Fossil echinoid Encope
Oil production in southern Florida . Oil well pumps in southern Florida. Well site inspection . Equipment for laying seismic line.         


Historic images online at the Florida Photographic Collection


FGS geologists camping, 1909.

As part of the Florida Memory Project, the State Library and Archives scanned the older FGS historic photographs dating back to 1907. Lower-resolution versions of these images are available on their searchable website

 The original historic photographs and negatives are maintained in the FGS library.  For information on these and other resources, contact the FGS Librarian Doug Calman(doug.calman@dep.state.fl.us).

Last updated: August 19, 2013

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