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Florida Geological Survey Photo Gallery - Field Work Links
Everglades Test Pit Everglades Click Field - dangers_alligator
Everglades Test Pit. Everglades from airboat. Everglades air boating. Field dangers - alligator!
Field problems rat snake Field problems_Snapping turtle Field problems_Snapping turtle #2 Florida Bay fauna sampling
Field problems - rat snake. Field problems - snapping turtle. Field problems - snapping turtle. Florida Bay fauna sampling.
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Beach, St. Johns Co.. Coastal erosion, Flagler Co. Coastal erosion, Flagler Co. Coastal erosion, shell hash beds.
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Coastal erosion, shell hash beds. Rip-rap beach armor, Flagler Co. Boomer sled deployed. USGS-SBP on FGS research vessel.
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USGS-SBP setup on FGS research vessel. Offshore vibrocoring. Offshore vibrocoring. Offshore vibrocoring.
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FGS research vessel GeoQuest. Sediment elevation table (SET). SET cryocoring. Taking SET measurements.
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State Park, Big Talbot Island,
Duval Co..
Beach, Volusia Co.. Beach erosion, Volusia Co. Beach, Volusia Co..
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Sea-walled beach, Volusia Co. Beach ersosion, Volusia Co.. Beach erosion, Volusia Co.


Historic images online at the Florida Photographic Collection


FGS geologists camping, 1909.

As part of the Florida Memory Project, the State Library and Archives scanned the older FGS historic photographs dating back to 1907. Lower-resolution versions of these images are available on their searchable website

 The original historic photographs and negatives are maintained in the FGS library.  For information on these and other resources, contact the FGS Librarian Doug Calman(doug.calman@dep.state.fl.us).

Last updated: February 27, 2013

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