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A - B

AWS Alternative Water Supply

ASR Aquifer Storage and Recovery

BCR Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation

BMP Best Management Practice


C - D

C&SFP Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project

CERP Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan

cfs cubic feet per second

DEP Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Department Florida Department of Environmental Protection

District South Florida Water Management District

DOI (United States) Department of the Interior


E - F

EAA Everglades Agricultural Area

ECP Everglades Construction Project

EFA Everglades Forever Act

8.5 SMA The 8.5 square mile area: an area of low-lying land east of L-31 N levee in Miami-Dade County

EIS environmental impact statement

ENP Everglades National Park

EPA Everglades Protection Area comprised of Water Conservation Areas 1, A and B, 3A and B and Everglades National Park

ERN Everglades Radio Network

ETAC Everglades Technical Advisory Committee

EWQM Everglades Water Quality Model

FFWCC Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

F.S. Florida Statutes

FY Fiscal Year r


G - L

GIS Geographic Information Systems

HR hydropattern restoration

LOER Lake Okeechobee and Estuary Recovery

LOPA Lake Okeechobee Protection Act

LOPP Lake Okeechobee Protection Plan

LOWQM Lake Okeechobee Water Quality Model

LTP Long Term Plan


M - P

MGD million gallons per day

mg/L milligrams per liter r

msl mean sea level

mt metric ton (1000 kg)

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

Non-ECP Non-Everglades Construction Project (All structures associated with the Everglades Protection Area outside the ECP)

NPDES National Pollution Discharge Elimination System

Park Everglades National Park (ENP)

P Phosphorus

PIR Project Implementation Report

ppb parts per billion

PSTA Periphyton-based Stormwater Treatment Area


Q - S

QA/QC Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Refuge Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Restudy C&SF Comprehensive Review Study; now, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP)

SAV Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

SFERTF South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task Force

SFWMD South Florida Water Management District

STA Stormwater Treatment Area

SWIM Surface Water Improvement and Management Act


T - Z

TMDL total maximum daily load

TOC Technical Oversight Committee

TP total phosphorus

USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers

USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency

USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service (under DOI)

USGS United States Geological Survey (under DOI)

WCA Water Conservation Area

WPA Water Preserve Area

WQ Water Quality

WQS Water Quality Standard

WY Water Year


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