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Natural Resources of Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics
Critical Creek
  • Physical Characteristics
     Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve is characterized by the inlets and embayments of a drowned shoreline.
  • Archaeological Resources
     Approximately 90 prehistoric archaeological sites have been identified near Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve.
  • Natural Communities
     The marine and estuarine communities in Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve are ecologically important as wildlife habitat, storm protection and land stabilization. Mangrove communities are abundant, hosting all four species of mangroves native to Florida (red, black, white and buttonwood).
Reddish egret


  • Native Species
    Because of its somewhat subtropical climate Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve supports considerable biodiversity, including many rare species.
  • Invasive and Problem Species
    The proximity of the preserve to Tampa Bay and shipping makes the preserve especially vulnerable to exotic invasive species.




Last updated: April 06, 2015

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