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Ecosystem Science at Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics

Ecosystem science at Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve (TCAP) has evolved to use and build upon the results of a variety of external research and monitoring efforts. Rather than duplicate other efforts, TCAP staff focuses on matching resource management informational needs with existing data, identifying data gaps and locating collaborators to address those gaps.

The Tampa Bay Study that was initiated by the U.S. Geological Survey in 2002 is generating a wealth of information about the region.

  • Information Management
    Staff were developing a more comprehensive in-house data collection that includes historical, legal, administrative and scientific documents.
  • Mapping and Resource Inventories
    Historically, resource inventories have been done for the footprints of individual impact areas as needed. This approach does not address the need for a big picture perspective of the status and trends in preserve resources. TCAP staff was actively engaged in forging partnerships with other agencies and private industry to evaluate and apply appropriate technologies to collect this data.


Water quality monitoring station







Last updated: September 26, 2013

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