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Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve Management Programs Quick Topics
Water quality monitoring station
  • Ecosystem Science
    The Ecosystem Science program in the Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve (TCAP) has recent established the groundwork for a very robust program in which science and resource management goals are tied together. TCAP uses an "open ecosystem" context for studying the aquatic preserve as a continuous landscape of interconnected habitats.
  • Resource Management
    Effective resource management is especially challenging at TCAP because of the emerging issues and unforeseen events in one of Florida's most densely urbanized watersheds. Much of the most effective resource protection afforded by TCAP has been in the form of informing decision makers of the presence of sensitive resources and strategies to avoid and minimize impacts. Information provided to residents and visitors also has resulted in positive changes in resource use.
Students on a boat
  • Education and Outreach
    The Education and Outreach Program concentrated on informational kiosks and mass marketing, such as broadcasts to classrooms.
Kayak launch
  • Public Use
    Public use management focused on providing public recreational opportunities which are compatible with resource management objectives.
Trash on the shore
  • Issues
    TCAP management efforts have been in direct response to its local issues. Issues-based management is a means through which any number of partners may become involved in addressing an issue.
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