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Description of Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics

The Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve (TCAP) is located entirely within northwestern Manatee County. The preserve encompasses several inlets of southeastern Tampa Bay, as well as much of the southeastern Tampa Bay shoreline. Situated on either side of the Sunshine Skyway, the preserve is central to the Bradenton/St. Petersburg/Tampa area. The preserve's northern boundary begins just south of the mouth of Little Redfish Creek at Port Manatee. The southern boundary lies between the mouths of Terra Ceia Bay and the Manatee River at Emerson Point on Snead Island. The boundary extends northwesterly from these points out to the Manatee-Hillsborough County line and the Intracoastal Waterway, respectively, which then crosses and forms the outer most corner of the preserve.

With the exception of the City of Palmetto and the Palmetto Point subdivision, most of the adjacent uplands are within the Terra Ceia Florida Forever project. Bishop Harbor, Clambar Bay, Williams Bayou and the Terra Ceia River are bordered by state-owned uplands. Palmetto is the only incorporated city bordering the preserve.

Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve boundary

Terra Ceia Aquatic Preserve Boundary Map (pdf)

The preserve is comprised of an area of state-owned submerged lands totaling 21,736 acres of predominately pristine submerged and wetland areas within Tampa Bay, Terra Ceia Bay, Miguel Bay, Joe Bay, Bishop Harbor and tidal waters of all tributaries including Frog Creek/Terra Ceia River and McMullen Creek. TCAP has open water, several inlet bays, and tidally influenced creeks and rivers and contains a diverse variety of natural communities, including seagrass, mangroves, salt marsh, tidal flats, hardbottom, oyster bars and clam beds.









Last updated: September 26, 2013

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