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Volunteering at St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics
Management activities at St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve have been discontinued as of July 1, 2011. This page describes the volunteering programs which will be restarted should revenue streams improve. Some may continue, thanks to the Friends of the St. Joseph Bay Preserves, Inc.

St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve relied on volunteer support for many of its management and education activities.

Volunteers checking a turtle nest
Volunteers checking a sea turtle nest

Most volunteer opportunities have been coordinated through the Friends of the St. Joseph Bay Preserves, Inc., a nonprofit Citizen Support Organization. The Friends group raises funds, provides volunteer services and promotes environmental awareness. One of the best ways to help is by volunteering. Opportunities are available for a wide variety of interests and expertise.

The Turtle Patrol was sponsored by the Central Panhandle Aquatic Preserve Office. Volunteers walk the beach each morning of sea turtle nesting season, May through October. They identify, mark and monitor each nest, and relocate nests that are too close to the water. After hatching, nests are dug up to determine hatchling success.

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