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St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve Education and Outreach Quick Topics

Education and Outreach Management Program are essential management tools to increase public awareness and promote informed stewardship by local communities. The Friends of the St. Joseph Bay Preserves, Inc., a nonprofit Citizens Support Organization, assists in these efforts. It raises funds, provides volunteer services and promotes environmental awareness.

Education and Training Activities

  • Field studies for students and teachers.
  • Development and distribution of educational information:
    • flyers, brochures, guides, signage, and posters;
    • public service announcements; and
    • participation in local festivals and events.
  • Volunteer networks;
  • Training workshops for local citizens and decision-makers:
    • lectures and interpretive tours.
  • Staff participation in workshops and conferences.
  • A school-based program to bring the bay to the local students.
  • Installed three kiosks at local boat ramps with information about the Central Panhandle Aquatic Preserves' new "Caution: Shallow Seagrass" buoy system.
  • Partnered with Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to update the St. Joseph Bay Guide to Boating and Angling.

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Last updated: December 06, 2016

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