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Issues Facing St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics
Staff checking a datalogger

Water Quality


  • Develop a better understanding of the bay's water quality to maintain and/or improve water quality within the aquatic preserve while providing for the safety and enjoyment of those who use the marine resources.
  • Provide timely and accurate water quality data and information to the public and other entities/agencies.
Seagrass scarring

Seagrass Protection


  • Manage seagrass communities through research and monitoring, resource management, and education and outreach efforts, to protect and maintain this habitat.
Stormwater pond

Coastal Development


  • Protect the natural ecological functions of St. Joseph Bay from impacts due to increased adjacent land use and coastal development by monitoring development impacts on the bay health and supporting adjacent land acquisition opportunities. 

Salt marsh

Saltmarsh Decline


  • Determine the current status of the saltmarsh ecosystem.
Vehicle tracks on sand dunes

Beach Impacts


  • Protect and conserve the natural dune vegetation and habitat from further impacts due to beach driving, erosion and artificial lighting on the beaches adjacent to the aquatic preserve.

Further information on how St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve was addressing these issues is available within the St. Joseph Bay Aquatic Preserve Management Plan.

Last updated: April 06, 2015

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