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Management Issues at RBNERR - Cultural Resource Management Quick Topics


  • Enhance understanding, interpretation and preservation of cultural resources within Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (RBNERR).

In order to assess, interpret and protect the vast range of cultural resources on RBNERR lands, RBNERR will initiate, facilitate and/or conduct targeted research to develop a comprehensive cultural resources management plan. All research and land management initiatives that include ground-disturbing activities would undergo a cultural resources assessment using BMPs as defined by the Florida Department of State Division of Historic Resources. A complete cultural resource assessment survey of RBNERR lands is necessary to identify sites.

Archaeological artifacts have already been collected from lands within RBNERR. This includes recent years and prior to RBNERR’s inception and subsequent land acquisitions. However, only the collections that have been documented and preserved at reputable institutions can be easily assessed. Therefore, a comprehensive RBNERR inventory with detailed descriptions needs to be compiled so that the findings can be made available to educators and researchers for future study and research.

Calusa mask

The reserve has a rich cultural history dating back to the days of the mighty Calusa.

Degradation, including erosion, vandalism and destruction by wildlife and natural occurrences, impact the integrity of RBNERR cultural resources. Sea level rise may also be adversely influencing coastal erosion. RBNERR will collaborate with other governmental agencies, universities, private groups and citizens to seek solutions to preserving the cultural heritage of RBNERR managed lands in southwest Florida.

Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

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