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Quick Facts about North Fork St. Lucie River Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics
  • The North Fork St. Lucie River was extensively channelized and dredged in the early 1900s.
  • The North Fork St. Lucie River, designated as an aquatic preserve in 1972, is a freshwater system upstream and a brackish system near the St. Lucie Estuary.
  • The river supports a variety of federally and state-protected species such as American alligators, manatees, river otters, nesting wood storks, little blue herons, brown pelicans, snook and opossum pipefishes.
  • Rare tropical peripheral fish species, such as gobies, sleepers, and pipefishes, are also found in the upper reaches of the North Fork and the two headwaters - Five Mile Creek and Ten Mile Creek.
  • The river is especially important habitat for the juvenile phases of commercially important species such as blue crabs, snook, snapper, drum and shrimp.
  • The North Fork St. Lucie River is part of Florida�s "Save our Rivers" program.
Butterfly orchid

Butterfly orchid

Great white egret

Great white egret in breeding plumage







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