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Conservation Lands Adjacent to North Fork St. Lucie River Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics

State-Managed Lands and Waters

The state-managed lands adjacent to the preserve include:

DEP-Managed Lands

  • Jensen Beach to Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve
    Jensen Beach to Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve is an estuary where freshwater from the SLR converges with saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean. The aquatic preserve is 37 miles long and encompasses 22,000 acres. There are numerous boat ramps, canoe launches, public parks and marinas for public use, as well as education centers, museums, and spoil islands located within or adjacent to this aquatic preserve.
  • Savannas Preserve State Park - North Fork St. Lucie River Property
    The Savannas Preserve State Park consists of multiple discontinuous parcels totaling 8,147 acres. The North Fork SLR portion of the property contains several parcels along the NFSLRAP totaling 967 acres. The primary reason for acquiring the North Fork property was to maintain a viable buffer that was capable of filtering water prior to entering the preserve.

SFWMD-Managed Lands

  • Ten Mile Creek Water Preserve Area (WPA)
    The 922-acre Ten Mile Creek WPA is composed of a reservoir and a stormwater treatment area. The purpose of Ten Mile Creek WPA is to temporarily store stormwater from the Ten Mile Creek Basin, the largest subbasin of the North Fork SLR. Storage of excess stormwater, allowing sediments to settle, nutrients to be taken up by vegetation and for the timed, measured release of the water. The reduced sediment and nutrient loads, and timely delivery are expected to improve the water quality and restore the habitat of the North Fork SLR.
  • Strazulla Tract
    A pilot oxbow reconnection project was completed in 2003 on the Strazulla Tract. A trail system, canoe dock and camping area are proposed for this site.

County-Managed Lands

St. Lucie County-owned lands adjacent to the preserve and its headwaters include:

  • Ten Mile Creek Recreation Area: includes a lake, canoe launch, pavilion, interpretive trail, restrooms, picnic tables, and a parking lot.
  • Gordy Road Recreation Area: includes a lake, canoe launch, disc golf course, interpretive trail, pavilion, picnic tables, and restrooms.
  • George E. LeStrange Natural Area: includes a lake, canoe launch, and parking lot (a canoe slip is proposed for future construction).
  • Jones Hammock: a trail is proposed to connect Platt's Creek to Ten Mile Creek.
  • Sweetwater Hammock: includes a trail, canoe slip, and picnic tables.
  • Platt's Creek Restoration Area: location of the Environmental Resources Division offices, and includes a stormwater retention pond (a canoe launch and hiking trails are proposed).
  • White City Park: includes a boat ramp, fishing dock, picnic tables, public restrooms, and a canoe launch.
  • Lepore: includes a pond; a drainage project is proposed.
  • Captain Hammond's Hammock Natural Area: includes a canoe dock, trail, boardwalk, and a picnic table.
  • Oxbow Eco-Center: includes boardwalks, trail system, bridges, observation tower, canoe launch, and an education center.
  • Idabelle Island: a canoe stopover and picnic table; a primitive camping site is proposed;
  • Citrus Hammock Natural Area: includes a canoe dock and picnic table (a stormwater retention pond is proposed).
  • River Park Marina: includes a boat ramp, canoe launch, nature trail, playground, public restrooms and fishing piers.
  • Spruce Bluff: includes a parking lot, small cemetery, trails, boardwalks, and Indian mounds (a canoe dock and picnic tables are proposed).

Several other parcels exist that are not yet named. Some of these have proposed infrastructure.


City of Port St. Lucie Managed Lands

City of Port St. Lucie owned lands adjacent to the preserve include:

  • Lyngate Park: active use facilities with night use and lights.
  • Midport Lake: neighborhood open space with model boating and dogs permitted on leash.
  • Veteran's Memorial Park: community special facilities with ceremonial grounds and monuments.
  • Veteran's Memorial Park at Rivergate: community special facilities with covered pavilions and a boat ramp.
  • Tom Hooper Park: community special facilities with lighted boardwalk on the SLR.
  • River Place Park: neighborhood park with active and passive use facilities that close at dusk.
  • Westmoreland Regional Park: site is currently undeveloped; gardens are proposed.

Non-Governmental Organization Managed Lands

Audubon of Florida

Audubon of Florida owns four parcels adjacent to the NFSLRAP.

  • Audubon.
  • Audubon Island.
  • Hall / Audubon.
  • Errett-McDermott Sanctuary.

Florida Power and Light

The Florida Power and Light property is one of two conservation easements that serves as wildlife corridors connecting Savannas Preserve State Park and NFSLRAP.










Last updated: November 07, 2016

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