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Resource Management Programs of Lemon Bay Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics
Resource Management

The overall goals of resource management within Lemon Bay Aquatic Preserve are:

  1. maintaining current, detailed resource inventories,
  2. improving water quality, and
  3. encouraging uses of adjacent uplands which protect and enhance the resources in the aquatic preserves.

Specific resource management activities within the aquatic preserve include:

  1. development of a resource base map,
  2. participation in Charlotte Co. Marine Advisory Committee,
  3. coordination with aquaculture activities,
  4. NEP Technical Advisory Committee,
  5. patrols,
  6. coordinating volunteer monitoring,
  7. assistance with field and written project reviews.
Girl holding a horse conch

One of the primary aims of the aquatic preserve program is to educate the general public and policy makers about the importance of natural resources in the preserves and the effects of certain actions on those resources. Specific educational activities within the preserves include aquatic preserve signs, educational displays, presentations, conducting wading trips and participation in outside events.


Volunteers for water quality monitoring


Site specific research and monitoring activities conducted by aquatic preserve staff are coordinated with the research and monitoring efforts of other agencies and institutions. The goals of the research program for the preserves are as follows:

  1. Determine changes that are occurring in aquatic communities within the preserves.
  2. Encourage continuing research on specific issues within the preserves.

Specific research and monitoring activities within the aquatic preserves include:

  1. Managing the Volunteer Water Monitoring Program.
  2. Conducting monthly Lower Charlotte Harbor and Lower Lemon Bay water sampling.
  3. Conducting annual Seagrass Monitoring in aquatic preserves.
  4. Conducting Colonial Water Bird Nest Monitoring and Protection along with Monofilament and Fishing Line Cleanups of nesting islands.
Resource Management Concerns

Resource management concerns specific to the aquatic preserve include: increasing boat traffic, protection of listed species and their habitats, removal of littoral vegetation, exotic species, protection of archaeological sites, hydrology restoration, dredging impacts, and stormwater and wastewater discharges.



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