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Physical Characteristics of Lake Jackson Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics

Lake Jackson is located within the northern boundaries of the Tallahassee Hills physiographic region. The Tallahassee Hills Region covers a 25 mile wide strip of upland formations spanning five counties in northwest Florida from the Withlacoochee River to the Apalachicola River. The steep hills associated with the Tallahassee Hills form the sub-basins that give Lake Jackson its irregular shape. The topography has an elevation of 200 to 230 feet above sea level.

Lake Jackson is considered a flat-bottomed water body that has an average depth of six feet with the exception of two major sinkholes - Porter Hole Sink and Lime Hole - that have a localized depth of about 28 feet. The lake was formed through the dissolution of limestone over a long period causing the collapse of the overlaying sediment. This also produced the two major sinkholes that have the capability to drain the lake of its water within days.

Lake Jackson Aerial



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