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Management Programs of Indian River - Malabar to Vero Beach Aquatic Preserve Quick Topics
Mangrove in PVC pipe
  • Resource Management

    The resource management program focuses around the Island Enhancement Program and Shoreline Restoration Program. These volunteer-based program improves public access to spoil islands and promotes habitat restoration by removing exotic and invasive plants and planting native vegetation. Mangrove plantings is the primary method for shoreline restoration.
Port Salerno Seafood Festival
  • Education and Outreach

    The education and outreach program is centered around educational signage, such as signs to advise boaters of seagrasses, and participation in public events such as Goby Fest and the Port Salerno Seafood Festival.
  • Research and Monitoring

    Ongoing research is primarily focused on seagrass health and ecological functions. Water quality monitoring is conducted at Turkey Creek and St. Sebastian River. Staff are also participating in experiments to stabilize eroding shorelines on spoil islands and other public lands.


Last updated: August 12, 2016

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