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Research at GTM Research Reserve Quick Topics

Researchers using quadrats to monitor the size and abundance oyster populationsOne of the primary objectives of GTM Research Reserve is to promote research and monitoring within its boundaries and adjacent watershed by facilitating and/or partnering with others. The benefits of encouraging outside investigations include high quality research, a broad range of expertise, interdisciplinary approaches, broader participation and a wide range of funding sources that may otherwise be unavailable through NOAA or DEP. Research and monitoring programs in the region are carried out by a number of universities, local, state and federal agencies and private institutions.

Partner Agencies

Agencies, universities, and institutions that have been involved heavily in research with GTMNERR include (but are not limited to) St. Johns River Water Management District, Northeast Florida Aquatic Preserves, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Wildlife Research Institute, Florida Sea Grant, University of North Florida, Flagler College, University of Florida, Smithsonian Institution, University of Maryland, Florida Atlantic University, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, University of New Hampshire, and Villanova University.

Research Programs

  • Monitoring
    GTM Research Reserve participates in a variety of monitoring programs, including sea turtle monitoring and water quality monitoring,  to identify management needs and assess the effectiveness of current management strategies.
  • NERRS Science Collaborative
    The University of Michigan Water Center and partners are working with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to implement the NERRS Science Collaborative, by coordinating regular funding opportunities and supporting user-driven collaborative research, assessment and transfer activities that address critical coastal management needs identified by reserves. http://graham.umich.edu/water/nerrs
  • Other Research Activities
    GTM Research Reserve sponsors or supports other research activities. A list of reports and peer-reviewed publications conducted within GTMNERR until August 2016 is available here.

More detailed information on the ecosystem science program and its sub-programs at GTM Research Reserve is available in the GTM Research Reserve Management Plan (pdf - 19.0 MB) and GTM Research Reserve Site Profile (pdf - 4.46 MB). All research-related inquiries at GTM Research Reserve should be directed to the Research Coordinator, Nikki Dix, at: Nikki.Dix@dep.state.fl.us.

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