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Marsh View Preserve Quick Topics


Northeast Flagler County, adjacent to Princess Place Preserve and Pellicer Flats


187 acres


Marsh View Preserve

GTM NERR and Flagler County are co-managing Marsh View Preserve with the intent to restore the parcel to a more natural habitat, and to increase public opportunities for passive recreation and environmental education opportunities. The project consists of two phases: habitat restoration and trail construction.

The first phase of the project would include implementation of a prescribed fire regimen consistent with the objectives from the 2009 GTM Research Reserve Management Plan: restore habitat, promote diversity within the natural community, maintain ecotones between communities and reduce unnatural fuel loading. Care would be taken to preserve viable seed trees for natural seeding and planting of longleaf pines when resources are available. Invasive/non-native species will be removed and controlled as necessary.

 The property has a network of trails that were in existence when it was acquired in November 2011. These trails will only require minimal trimming and marking and consist of natural, at-grade surface trails, although elevated trails may be required for some wetland crossings. Trail widths currently range from two to eight feet, and all trails will be improved to a minimum width of six feet to prepare for future Americans with Disabilities Act compliance. Currently the trails run either north-south or east-west and require re-walking the same trail to return. If foot traffic increases enough to warrant an extension, blazing of a 600-foot trail to create a loop in the system is anticipated.

Creating the loop trail would consist of mowing and mulching to provide a safe and uniform surface for pedestrians. It is apparent that people have been using the east-west trails to access the marsh by foot and by vehicle, resulting in damage to vegetation and the shoreline. To prevent further damage to the marsh, the transitional zone at the end of each trail will be blocked. Elevated platforms will be installed to serve dual purposes: blocking access to the marsh and improving views of the area. There would be three platforms total. The two on the northern most trails would be single-level elevated approximately three feet above ground level and would be approximately 12 feet long by six feet wide. The one on the main access trail, which we expect to receive the most traffic, would be raised approximately 12 feet above the ground, giving visitors more extensive views of the marsh, and be approximately 12-feet by 12-feet. There will be two points of entry into Marsh View Preserve. The first is a trail that will be created and maintained by Flagler County, which connects to Princess Place Preserve and allows access to both trail systems. The second is a parking lot, created and maintained by Flagler County, with access from North Old Kings Road. Minimal ground disturbance is expected. There will be approximately 30 holes for the 12-inch diameter pilings that will support the elevated platforms and approximately six small holes for trail markers.

Map of proposed trails at Marsh View Preserve

Proposed trails at Marsh View Preserve


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