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Public Use Issues at GTM Research Reserve Quick Topics

Encouraging public use that is compatible with resource protection is a priority of GTM Research Reserve. The natural and cultural resources of GTM Research Reserve provide an unique user experience unavailable elsewhere.


  • Proactively respond to multiple user conflicts associated with the trails while sustaining habitat quality.
  • Enhance trail access for users with special needs.
  • Enhance compatible use at the dam and surrounding areas.
  • Increase public awareness of GTM Research Reserve.
  • Keep up-to-date issue-based beach information kiosks and signage.
  • Reduce unauthorized activities associated with the trail system.
  • Reduce littering and unauthorized paths in the marsh adjacent to the dam.
  • Increase enforcement of fishing regulations after sunset.
  • Reduce beach litter.
  • Discourage beach parking after hours of operation.
  • Improve compliance of future docks with Aquatic Preserve rules.
  • Reduce instances of wildlife harassment and damage to beach habitats by unleashed domestic animals.
Fishing dam


Ensure recreation is sustainable and consistent with resource protection for the benefit of existing and future generations

More information on how GTM Research Reserve is addressing public use is available within the GTM Research Reserve Management Plan (pdf - 12.8 MB).

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