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Issues Facing GTM Research Reserve Quick Topics
Visitor on the beach

Public Use


  • Ensure recreation is sustainable and consistent with resource protection for the benefit of existing and future generations
Coastal strand

Habitat and Species Management


  • Improve the conservation of natural biodiversity within GTM Research Reserve.
Swale in parking lot

Watershed Landuse


  • Reduce the impact of watershed landuse on coastal resources by identifying priority pollutants and encouraging best management practices

Volunteers at Sanchez Mound

Cultural Resources


  • Preserve the cultural resources through research, interpretation and preservation.
Environmental Education Center

Global Processes


  • GTM Research Reserve will serve as a clearinghouse of information concerning global and meteorological processes and a demonstration site for green building technologies and practices.

Further information on how the GTM Research Reserve is addressing these issues is available within the GTM Research Reserve Management Plan (pdf - 12.8 MB).

GTM Research Reserve

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Last updated: April 06, 2015

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