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 Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve Project Spotlight

"The Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve exemplifies valuable and diverse collections of habitat in Monroe County. Unique natural areas of seagrass beds containing hard bottom with diverse shallow patch reefs that provide life support for a myriad of bio-diverse resources."

George Neugent, Monroe County Commissioner

Aerial view of Coupon Bight 

Mangroves along the shoreline of Coupon Bight

Partnerships for Protection

Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve is the southernmost aquatic preserve. It is located in the lower half of the Florida Keys archipelago and lies within the boundaries of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS). Established in 1990, the FKNMS afforded a higher level of protection through both state and federal management. Due to the increasing threats to each of the habitats that comprise the sub-tropical ecosystem of the Florida Keys, this state - federal partnership provides protection to 2,900 square nautical miles surrounding the entire archipelago of the Florida Keys, including the Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve.


Mangroves along the shoreline


 Quick Facts about Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve
Map of Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve


Monroe County


4,600 acres of sovereign submerged lands


Karen Bohnsack, Manager
Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail State Park
3 LaCroix Court
Key Largo, FL 33037
(305) 453-1274

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Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve Management Plan

Christmas worm on a coral

Christmas worm on a coral

Spiny lobster

Spiny lobster

Key deer in mangroves

Key deer in mangroves

Conch in seagrass

Conch in seagrass

  • Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve encompasses 4,600 acres of seagrass meadows, hard bottom communities, mangrove wetlands and coral patch reefs.
  • Along the southern boundary of Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve is a near-shore patch reef community, home to an array of sponges, soft corals, hard corals and algae.
  • Rare wading birds can often be observed foraging in the shallow waters of the tropical lagoon and amongst the mangroves.
  • The endangered Key Deer is a frequent visitor to the mangroves at the Coupon Bight Aquatic Preserve. The mangrove fringe offers excellent cover for foraging.
  • Activities within the aquatic preserve include boating, snorkeling, diving, commercial fishing, marine life collecting, charter sport fishing and recreational fishing for finfish and lobster.

Last updated: December 08, 2016

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