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Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves

Biscayne Bay Environmental Center
1277 NE 79th Street Causeway
Miami, FL 33138
(305) 795-1233

April 2016

  • Sat, Apr 2 (10 am - 12:30 pm)
    Marine Plant ID
    Have you ever seen something underwater in Biscayne Bay and wondered, "What is that?" Taught by Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserves staff this FREE class will teach you to become a master marine plant identifier! Increase your knowledge to decrease your footprint! Identification materials will be provided for you to keep. Spaces are limited. Please email Biscayne.Bay@dep.state.fl.us to reserve your spot!
  • Sat, Apr 2 (12:30 - 1:30 pm)
    Marine Plant Wading Trip

    A weekend wading trip, where you will find species you now can identify, for all class participants is on Saturday! Waiver forms must be signed in order to participate in the wading trip. 
  • Tue, Apr 5 (12 - 2:30 pm) OR Thu, Apr 7 (6 - 8:30 pm)
    Reef Fish ID
    REEF Fish Identification: A beginner course that teaches the basics of "fishwatching" including identification of 50 commonly sighted species found in the tropical western Atlantic. All materials provided. An evaluation will be conducted at the end of the training. Anyone scoring an 80% or better on the test and who goes on to complete two fish surveys will become an Experience Level 2 volunteer for Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF).
    The REEF Fish Survey Project is a volunteer fish monitoring program that enables volunteer scuba divers and snorkelers to collect and report information on marine fish populations. The data are collected using a fun and easy standardized method, the Roving Diver Technique (RDT), and are housed in a publicly-accessible database on REEF's Website. Data collected by REEF volunteers are used for public education and by a variety of resource management agencies and researchers. For more information on REEF go to: www.REEF.org.
  • Tue, Apr 12 (12 - 2:30 pm) OR Thu, Apr 14 (6 - 8:30 pm)
    Stony Coral ID
    This course will introduce you to roughly thirty species of stony corals that are found within Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties. A knowledge review will be administered at the end of the class and all participants will receive a resource CD-ROM of images from the course for future reference.
  • Tue, Apr 19 (12 - 2:30 pm) OR Thu, Apr 21 (12 - 2:30 pm)
    Marine Invertebrate ID
    This course will introduce you to the most common sea sponges, octocorals (soft corals), crustaceans, echinoderms and mollusks that you're likely to encounter when diving or snorkeling on southeast Florida coral reefs. A test will be administered at the end of the class and all participants will receive a resource CD-ROM of images from the course for future reference.
  • Apr 23 (9:30 am - 12:30 pm)
    Eco Experience Tours - Oleta River & Sandspur Island Kayak
  • Tue, Apr 26 (12 - 2 pm), Thu, Apr 28 (6 - 8 pm)
    Bleach Watch
    Recreational, commercial and scientific divers are encouraged to become part of the BleachWatch Observer Network by participating in a training session. These classes include an introduction to SEAFAN, a short lesson on coral biology/bleaching, a description of the BleachWatch Early Warning Program, and an overview of how to properly assess coral condition, record observations, and submit reports. All participants will be provided with a BleachWatch Kit, which includes a program overview, coral bleaching fact sheet, data sheets, data sheet instructions, dive whistle, and coral ID and bleaching example cards to use as a reference below and above the water.

May 2016


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