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Big Bend Seagrasses Aquatic Preserve - Public Use and Access Quick Topics

BBSAP encourages sustainable use of natural resources while minimizing user impacts. With approximately 150 miles of coastline consisting of relatively undeveloped, rural landscapes, the Big Bend region provides many opportunities for the public to enjoy BBSAP’s natural resources. Popular recreational activities include, but are not limited to: boating, fishing, kayaking, birding and hiking. Commercial fishing and shellfish harvesting industries rely on the optimal conditions in the Big Bend region. Public support and interagency participation are imperative to protecting natural resources. Public participation in resource management enables them to understand the important ecological and economical issues of the system.


Clam aquaculture is very important to Cedar Key

BBSAP has two over-arching goals to maintain the natural environment and promote sustainable ecotourism.

Maintain a safe and natural environment for Big Bend’s wildlife, habitats, and user groups.

  • In order to maintain the natural environment for current and future generations, BBSAP works to facilitate research to identify human use conflicts with natural resources, and develop methods of prevention. This includes working with regulatory agencies, law enforcement, and other resource management entities.
  • BBSAP also works to reduce the amount of debris, contaminants, and other resource damages associated with user group activities. This includes educational efforts such as promoting awareness of proper boating practices through signage, brochures, and presentation, as well as coordinating clean-up events such as derelict crab trap removals.

Promote low-impact, sustainable recreational opportunities.

  • BBSAP seeks to increase awareness of recreational opportunities such as paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, and snorkeling. This will be done through identifying appropriate locations for paddling launch sites, and working with other agencies and local vendors to educate users of the unique recreational opportunities in BBSAP, such as its historical locations, birding and hiking trails, and kayak and canoeing trails.



Last updated: June 17, 2016

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