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FDOU Project 26 - Our Florida Reefs Project Reports and Products What's New

FDOU Project 26 - Our Florida Reefs Community Planning Process Final Document

  • Coming June 2017.

FDOU Project 26 - Communication

FDOU Project 26 - Marine Planner and Decisions Support Tool

FDOU Project 26 - Facilitation and Meeting Support

FDOU Project 26 - Process Planning Team



Many of these reports have a large file size. It may be helpful to right-click on the file and select "Save as" to save it to your hard drive in order to view the file. Otherwise, you may e-mail the Coral Reef Conservation Program at Coral@dep.state.fl.us to request a written copy.



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If you are interested in receiving updates or would like to sign up as a stakeholder, please contact us at Coral@dep.state.fl.us









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