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Southeast Florida's Marine Debris Reporting and Removal Program

Program Goals and Objectives

  • Create a database to store information reported on location, type and abundance of marine debris.

  • Raise awareness of marine debris and its assorted problems, and encourage prevention by advertising the program on the internet, with stickers and with educational brochures.

  • Organize a reef clean-up event in each of the 4 southeast Florida counties every year. Clean-ups will involve the partnerships of the DEP, FWC, PBCRR, local dive shops, dive charter operators, scuba clubs and local divers.

  • Record the quantity of marine debris removed from southeast Florida reefs during clean-up events.

  • Identify debris "hot spots" (e.g. where debris is concentrated), the reef areas that have been successfully cleaned and those to be targeted in subsequent clean-ups.

  • Provide dive shop and dive charter operators with a "Marine Debris Removal Dive" pre-dive briefing for the marine debris removal dives prior to all clean-up events. The information will include proper marine debris removal techniques to ensure the safety of divers and reef organisms.

  • Raise awareness about the conservation of southeast Florida reefs.
Fishing line wrapped around sponge

Fishing line and hook wrapped around a sponge.
Photo: Jennifer Podis


Marine Debris Reporting and Removal Program

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Last updated: May 01, 2014

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