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Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida Quick Topics

This is a segment of Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida. The complete documentary is available at Live Oak Production Group.


Produced by:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Coastal and Managed Areas (CAMA)
National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Live Oak Production Group Inc.

CAMA Production Coordinator:
Paula L. Allen
Directed & Cinematographer:
Elam S. Stoltzfus
Clyde Butcher
Sammy Tedder
Wayward Winds Music
Peter Thomas
Elam S. Stoltzfus
Paula Allen
Esther Stoltzfus
Katherine Andrews
Deirdre Finn
Niki Butcher
Clyde Butcher
Cindy Muir
Graphic Design & animation:
Elam S. Stoltzfus
Live Oak Production Group
Audio Engineer:
Elam S. Stoltzfus
Nic Stoltzfus
Ryan Ziglar
Larry Plazarin
Audio Mix by:
Pete Winter
Winterstone Productions
Editing by:
Off line: Elam S. Stoltzfus
Live Oak Production Group
On Line:
Cineworks Digital Studio
Film Stock by:
Mike Brown
Film Development & Transfer by:
Cineworks Digital Studio
Special Thanks to Jay Robbins, Vinny Hogan, Matt Perrin
Camera Serviced by:
Abel Cine
New York, NY
Underwater Housing Designed by:
Jordan Klein Film & Video
Jordie Klein
Boat Provided by:
Scandy White Boats
Ralph White
Wayne & Paige White
Boat and Canoe Operators by:
Chad Bedee
Nic Stoltzfus
Laura Stoltzfus
Esther Stoltzfus
Jesse Yoder
David McLean
Clyde Butcher
Jeffery Beal
Steve Williams
Jeff Soward
Keith Laakkonen
Judy Ott
Renee Wilson
Dave Graff
Katie Fuhr
Stephanie McKenzie
Heather Stafford
David Murray
Aerial Provided by:
London Helicopters, Joe Fragione
Treasure Coast Helicopters, Ken Tower
Manatee Tour by:
American Pro, Sean Bradley
Aquatic Preserve Management by:
Tammy Summers
Keith Laakkonen
Jeff Soward
Judy Ott
Heather Stafford
Gary Lytton
Jeffrey Beal
Keith Fisher
Deborah Shelley
Steve Williams
Leslie McFetridge
Webmaster & Design by:
Ryan Ziglar
Keith Smoker
Special Thanks to:
Esther Stoltzfus
Nic Stoltzfus
Laura Stoltzfus
Niki Butcher
Jackie Obendorf
Larry Nall
Marina Cay Petrandis
Philip Yoder
Tim Croft
Kelli Peacock
Maureen Hartung-Sullivan
Kate Santich
Mary Woznaik
Sara Coble
Bruce Drye
Gulf Marine Specimen Marine Lab
Jack Rudloe
Tom Smoyer
Mark Schrope










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