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Coral Reef Images Quick Topics

All the images are indexed as thumbnails. To view a larger image, just click on the thumbnail. A new window will open up to display the image.

Aerial image of a coral reef

Aerial view of Carysfort Reef off of Key Largo, FL
Photo: Amy Massey, FKNMS

Flamingo tongue snail on sea fan

Flamingo tongue snail feeding on sea fan polyps (shown in brown).
Photo: Paige Gill, FKNMS

Gray Angelfish among Corals

Gray angelfish swimming amongst soft corals.
Photo: Mike White, FKNMS

French angelfish and sea fan

French angelfish, sea fan, green algae and sponges.
Photo: Paige Gill, FKNMS

Finger coral with elkhorn coral

Club-tipped finger coral with elkhorn in the background.
Photo: Paige Gill, FKNMS

Barrel sponge with finger coral

Barrel sponge with finger coral inside and small fish fry above
Photo: FKNMS

French grunt and sea fan

French grunt swimming near a sea fan.
Photo: FKNMS

Neon goby on coral

Closeup of a neon goby fish on coral head.
Photo: FKNMS

Nurse shark under ledge

Nurse shark resting under a ledge at the reef.
Photo: FKNMS

Shallow coral reef

Shallow coral reef with blade fire coral, boulder coral, soft corals and sponges.
Photo: FKNMS

Stoplight parrotfish

Stoplight parrotfish at reef
Photo: FKNMS

Stoplight parrotfish supermale

Closeup of a stoplight parrotfish supermale.
Photo: FKNMS

Queen parrotfish

Queen parrotfish swimming at the reef.
Photo: FKNMS

Closeup of coral polyps

The polyps are extended in this closeup view of boulder star coral (Montastrea cavernosa).
Photo: FKNMS

School of smallmouth grunt

School of smallmouth grunt swimming at the reef.
Photo: Paige Gill, FKNMS

Shallow coral reef with sea fans

Shallow-water coral reef with sea fans, soft corals and boulder star coral.
Photo: Mike White, FKNMS

Coral Reef Classroom snorkelers

Middle school students listen to Florida Keys staff Don Mooney teach about the coral reef on a Coral Reef Classroom field trip.
Photo: Ivy Kelley, FKNMS

Broken brain coral

A brain coral, broken and overturned as a result of a vessel grounding.

Severed giant barrel sponge

A severed giant barrel sponge (Xestospongia muta) in Broward County after a cable drag incident.
Photo: Harry Booth

Diver conducting video monitoring

A diver conducts video monitoring for the Southeast Florida Coral Reef Evaluation and Monitoring Project.
Photo: Dave Gilliam, Ph.D.

Sea fan

Sea fan
Photo: Jeff Anderson, FKNMS


Photo: Jeff Anderson, FKNMS

Photo: Jeff Anderson, FKNMS

Photo: Jeff Anderson, FKNMS

Brain coral and diver

A diver with a huge brain coral.
Photo: FKNMS

Smooth trunkfish

Smooth trunkfish on southeast Florida reef.
Photo: Joe Marino

Goliath grouper

A federally threatened goliath grouper on an artificial reef off of Palm Beach.
Photo: Joe Marino

Shortnose batfish

A shortnose batfish! One of the species of odd-shaped bottom-dwellers.
Photo: Joe Marino


A squirrelfish with sponges, octocorals and a lettuce coral.
Photo: Joe Marino

Barred hamlet

A barred hamlet with a great star coral.
Photo: Joe Marino

Loggerhead turtle in coral

Federally threatened loggerhead sea turtles can often be found sleeping along the reefs off of  Palm Beach County, particularly in the summer nesting season when they arrive in large numbers.
Photo: Joe Marino

Staghorn corals

Staghorn corals off of Broward County.
Photo: David Gilliam, Ph.D.





Last updated: July 25, 2016

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