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About Our Beach Warning Flags and Signs

Be prepared to identify the locations of where you will be posting your signs and flags!

Beach Access Sign

Beach Access Signs

These signs are customized with the name of the government entity that provides access to the coast.

  • Identifies public access points to the coast.
  • Protect fragile coastal ecosystems from intensive public use.
  • Minimize environmental damage to beaches by designating points of entry for pedestrians and vehicles.

Beach Access Signs are 18" high x 24" wide.

Beach Warning Flags

Beach Warning Flags

Florida Statutes Section 380.276 requires that all public beaches use only the uniform flags developed for the state's warning program. The Beach Warning Flags were developed to:

  • To minimize the risks of drowning or serious injury caused by changes in tide and surf conditions
  • To enhance the safety and enjoyment of Florida's public beaches
  • To increase public recognition and the effectiveness of their message

Florida's uniform Beach Warning Flags come in four colors:

  • Red, yellow, green and purple, and a second red imprinted with a "Do Not Swim" logo.

Beach Warning Flags are 29.25" high x 39" wide.

Beach Warning Flag Interpretive Signs

Beach Warning Flag Interpretive Signs

These signs define the warning flag colors in English and Spanish.

  • Red "Do Not Swim Logo" Flags: Water Closed to Public/ Aqua Cerrada al Publico
  • Red Flags: High hazard-High Surf and/or Strong Currents/ Peligro Alto, Resaca Alta y/o Corrientes Fuertes
  • Yellow Flags: Medium Hazard - Moderate Surf and/or Currents/ Peligro Medio, Resaca Moderada y/o Corrientes Fuertes
  • Green Flags: Low Hazard - Calm Conditions, Exercise Caution/ Peligro Bajo, Condiciones Calmas, Tenga Cuidado
  • Purple Flags: Dangerous Marine Life/ Vida Marina Peligrosa

Beach Warning Flag Interpretive Signs are 36" high x 30" wide.

Rip Current Educational Signs

Rip Current Educational Signs

Florida's Rip Current Educational Signs program began in 2004. The nationally distributed signs were developed by NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS), SeaGrant, and USLA:

  • To improve public safety and understanding of natural conditions such as rip currents that pose a significant risk
  • Bring attention to the dangers of rip currents
  • Educate people on how to respond if caught in a rip current

FCMP distributes Rip Current Educational Signs to local governments and public parks. For more information about the dynamics and dangers of rip currents, consult the NWS and the USLA.

Rip Current Educational Signs are 30" high x 16.5" wide.

Last updated: October 29, 2015

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