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Clean Vessel Act Reimbursement Instructions Quick Links

The following documents must be submitted as outlined to process invoices for payment and reimburse pumpout project expenses.

1. Invoice on facility’s letterhead
  • Clearly labeled as INVOICE
  • Must be dated and signed
  • Must include project application and contract agreement number
  • Must include accurate remittance address
    Sample invoice

2. Grant Payment Match Form [PDF - 26 KB]
Form must be completed and sent with each invoice submitted to DEP.

3. Certificate of Completion Form [PDF - 22 KB]
Form must be completed, notarized and submitted with final invoice to DEP.

4. Vendor Invoices and Cancelled (cashed) Checks
All vendor invoices and proof of payment must be for work performed during the grant award contract period. Invoices and payments must be for the same service or item. Proof of payment must be provided for all invoices for which the grantee is seeking reimbursement or is claiming as match.

Any of the following can be considered proof of payment:
  • Copy of front and back of cancelled (cashed) checks.
  • Cash register receipts for cash expenditures.
  • Copy of bank statement or transaction detail from your financial institution showing the item deducted from the facility’s account.
  • Copy of corporate, debit or credit card receipt with a copy of the invoice or statement from the corporate, debit or credit card company showing the expensed item, and a copy of the proof of payment for the corporate, debit or credit card invoice, such as a front and back copy of cancelled (cashed) check paying the corporate, debit or credit card invoice, or a copy of the bank statement or transaction detail from your financial institution showing the item deducted from the facility’s account.

5. In-House Labor
If submitting in-house labor as match, list employee name, rate of pay, number of hours and dates work performed on facility’s letterhead and include proof of payment. Proof of payment can be a front and back copy of the employee’s cancelled (cashed) check, a copy of the facilities payroll register, or a copy of the facility’s bank statement or transaction detail showing the payment deducted from the facility’s account.

6. Operational Plan
Plan must include hours of operation, equipment maintenance schedule, phone number(s), emergency phone number, pumpout operating directions, cleaning instructions and VHF channel(s) monitored. Sample plan

7. Photos of Completed Pumpout Project and Pumpout Signage
Photos are required to verify the completion and installation of the pumpout project, and the pumpout symbol and pumpout operations signs. The photo of the pumpout symbol sign must also show that it is visible to boaters from the waterway.

8. Sample Pumpout Log Sheet
A copy of the log sheet the facility uses to record pumpout activity is required. This sheet should state the date, gallons pumped, vessel is in-state or out-of-state and the fee collected (if any) for each pumpout conducted. Sample log sheet.

9. Educational Brochures and Materials
Send samples/copies of any printed material produced with CVA grant funds.

Invoices and payment documents are due no later than the project completion date specified in your Grant Award Agreement.

Submit payment documents to:
Brenda Leonard
Clean Vessel Act Program, MS30
3900 Commonwealth Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-3000

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Last updated: January 21, 2011

  Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Clean Marina Program, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd. MS #30, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400 - phone 850-245-2100 
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