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Clean Vessel Act Pumpout Tips Quick Links

Untreated sewage discharged from boats can spread disease, contaminate shellfish beds and lower oxygen levels in harbor, lake and river areas where boats are concentrated. Exposure to water contaminated by sewage discharge can result in gastroenteritis, hepatitis, dysentery and cholera.

Tips to Reduce Sewage Discharge

  • Use onshore public restrooms whenever possible before leaving for a boating trip, or during stops, instead of an onboard toilet.
  • Know where your waste goes and make sure it does not go directly into the water.
  • If you have a flow-through treatment system -Type I or Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) - make sure it is working properly and that all your waste goes through the system.
  • Install a holding tank – Type III MSD - and pump it out at one of hundreds of pumpout stations available throughout the state.
  • If you have a Type III MSD check that the Y-valve is securely connected to the holding tank to ensure there is no discharge of raw sewage.
  • Use enzyme-based products in your holding tank instead of deodorizers and disinfectants which contain chemicals harmful to aquatic life.
  • Do not dispose of fats, solvents, oil, emulsifiers, disinfectants, paints, poisons, phosphates and/or diapers in your MSD.
  • Encourage local marina owners to get a pumpout station if they do not have one.

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