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Cocoa Village Marina, Cocoa

The Florida Clean Boater Program seeks to educate boaters on the importance of protecting the state’s waterways by adopting environmentally friendly practices, including proper trash management, using bilge socks and fueling collars, and practicing good recycling habits. Boaters are encouraged to take the Clean Boater Pledge and educate other boaters on the importance of protecting the environment they enjoy.

By adopting pollution prevention measures, Florida Clean Boaters can take satisfaction in knowing they are doing their part in keeping Florida waterways clean and preserving our waterways for the future.

The Clean Boater Pledge

As a participating member of the Florida Clean Boater Program, I pledge to do my part in keeping Florida’s waterways clean by following the guidelines set forth in the Clean Boating Habits booklet. I will identify opportunities and implement practices to prevent pollution associated with my boating activities such as: fueling, cleaning and washing, sewage handling and maintenance. I will further ensure that all passengers aboard my vessel follow the guidelines and maintain a clean boating environment.

As a Clean Boater I Pledge To:

  • Keep Florida’s waterways free of trash and recycle.
  • Practice proper fueling techniques.
  • Use pumpout facilities.
  • Support Florida Clean Marinas, Clean Boatyards and Clean Marine Retailers whenever possible.
  • Promote clean boating habits and the Clean Boater program to fellow boaters.
  • Remember that a clean environment ALWAYS starts with ME.

Be a Clean BoaterClean Marina [PDF - 119KB]

Sign the Clean Boater Pledge Card showing your commitment to protecting the environment. When complete return to The Florida Clean Marina Program by mail - 3900 Commonwealth Blvd. Tallahassee, Florida 32399 or fax (850) 245-2159

Clean Boating Habits Booklet [PDF - 7MB]

Learn Clean Boating Habits to help protect Florida's Environment.

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Clean Marina Programs

Last updated: : August 17, 2017

  Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Clean Marina Program, 3900 Commonwealth Blvd. MS #30, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400 - phone 850-245-2100 
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