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Watershed Management and Monitoring


River in Central Florida The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) established the Integrated Water Resources Monitoring (IWRM) Program to meet federal Clean Water Act (CWA) requirements and Florida's statutory and regulatory requirements. Under the CWA, states are required to determine whether waters meet water quality standards (i.e., attain their designated uses, or functional classifications); identify impaired waters; identify the causes and sources of water quality impairments; support the implementation of water management programs; establish, review, and revise water quality standards; establish special monitoring for unique resources; and support the evaluation of program effectiveness.  

The Central District Watershed Management and Monitoring (WMM) Program works closely with the DEP Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration (DEAR) on implementation of the IWRM. Monitoring responsibilities include surface water sampling, field testing, and biological assessments. In addition to monitoring responsibilities, WMM staff attends various public meetings concerning watershed restoration efforts in Central Florida. The WMM program also investigates reported fish kill incidents, algal blooms, and other environmental concerns. All field and laboratory activities are performed in accordance with F.A.C. 62-160, Quality Assurance Chapter and Standard Operating Procedures for Field Activities (DEP-SOP-001/01, December 3, 2008).  
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Central District Office

Watershed Management and Monitoring Section

3319 Maguire Blvd, Suite 232

Orlando, Florida 32803-3767

phone: 407-897-4100

fax: 850 412-0472


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