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A Strategy for Water Quality Protection:
Wastewater Treatment in the Wekiva Study Area

In June 2004, former Governor Bush visited Wekiwa Springs State Park to sign the Wekiva Parkway and Protection Act into law. This landmark legislation memorialized the remarkable consensus of governments, communities, environmental advocates and transportation planners to align growth management with natural resource protection.   View law



Since the law went into effect, the Department of Environmental Protection has worked with its partner agencies to develop recommendations for protecting regional springs and waterways. January 20, 2005, a preliminary report on A Strategy for Water Quality Protection: Wastewater Treatment in the Wekiva Study Area was submitted to former Governor Bush as required in Section 369.318(1), F.S. of the Act.  view report



This initial assessment examines the efficacy and applicability of wastewater treatment standards to reduce nitrogen and protect waters within the Wekiva Study Area, a 300,000-acre landscape encompassing the recharge area of at least 27 springs. 


Following this four-month study, the Department is proposing zones for three levels of protection based on the potential rate of recharge to the aquifer and Wekiva Study Area springs. Recognizing the effects of land use on water quality, the study suggests enhancing wastewater treatment within the protection zones to reduce the impact of nutrients discharged from regulated facilities.



The report will be discussed with the Wekiva Basin Commission at their meeting early this year.  Coupled with existing restoration programs and continued scientific evaluation, this proposal lays the groundwork for preserving rivers, springs and habitat within the Wekiva River system while meeting the growing transportation needs of Central Florida. 

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