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Groundwater and UIC     Central District  

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Caroline Shine, Environmental Administrator


Responsibilities include:


  • Class I Deep Injection wells and Groundwater technical review for domestic and industrial wastewater facilities- permitting and compliance
  • Approval of various effluent disposal/reuse systems permitting and associated groundwater monitoring plans
  • Coordination of groundwater compliance issues with the Compliance Assurance Program
    Referral of potential soil and groundwater contamination assessment and remediation projects to the Waste Management Division
  • Coordination with Water Management Districts on water supply issues and development of alternate sources of water supplies, land acquisition, lake restoration, and pilot studies conducted for storm water drainage wells, artificial aquifer recharge, aquifer protection plan, and aquifer storage and recovery wells (ASR)
  • Permitting of Non-major UIC Class V Wells (Closed loop heat pump/Air conditioning return flow and storm water drainage wells, lake level control wells, ASR, domestic waste well)
  • Provide Technical support to UIC Program, Tallahassee for permitting of all Major UIC Class I and Class V wells (Deep injection and ASR Wells).


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Central District

Groundwater and Underground Injection Control Section

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