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Domestic Wastewater Permitting     Central District  

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Domestic Wastewater flows from our homes to

  • Sanitary Sewer Systems

  • On site Sewage Systems (also known as Septic Tank Systems).  Septic Tank systems are regulated by the Department of Health.  To learn more, visit the Department of Health web site.

The Central District's Domestic Wastewater Permitting Section is responsible for permitting of domestic wastewater facilities, sewage, residuals and reuse systems.

Collection System Permitting



Guidelines for the Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Performance Reports

  • Guidelines

  • Table 1: Operation and Maintenance Performance Report Outline

  • Attachment 1: List of Components, Systems and Processes to be Evaluated

  • Attachment 2: Field Evaluation form for Operation and Maintenance Performance Reports for Domestic Wastewater Facilities (207K)

Guidelines for Preparation of Capacity Analysis Reports

Guidelines for preparing preliminary design report

Guidelines for reliability

Guidelines for permitting a low pressure collection system


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Contact List- Domestic Wastewater Permitting 

Central District

Domestic Wastewater Permitting Section

3319 Maguire Blvd, Suite 232

Orlando, Florida 32803-3767

Section phone: 407-897-4163

Section Fax: 850 412-0496


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