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Pollution Prevention     Central District Highlights

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National Pollution Prevention Week 

Pollution Prevention (P2) is a business model that encourages industry to conserve resources, reduce waste and recycle on site, in order of priority. By reducing use of resources (raw materials, virgin chemicals, water and energy) at the front end, we can often minimize waste (hazardous  waste, solid waste, wastewater and air emissions) at the back end. Resource conservation and waste reduction are even more desirable than recycling because the resources contributing to wastes are never used. P2 should pay for itself in a resonable return-on-investment, and also in an improved regulatory status. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to reduce your wastes, costs and environmental impact by checking out some of these resources!

  • Cut Costs 

  • Lower Regulatory Liability

  • Reduce Waste

  • Protect the Environment

Pollution Prevention Links

Additional information can be found on  Florida's Sustainable Initiatives web site.




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