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Pollution Prevention     Central District Highlights

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Debby Valin

E-Mail:  Debby.Valin@dep.state.fl.us
Phone:  (407) 897-2914


National Pollution Prevention Week 

Pollution Prevention (P2) is a business model that encourages industry to conserve resources, reduce waste and recycle on site, in order of priority. Reducing use of resources (raw materials, virgin chemicals, water and energy) at the front end, we can often minimize waste (hazardous  waste, solid waste, wastewater and air emissions) at the back end. Resource conservation and waste reduction are even more desirable than recycling because the resources contributing to wastes are never used.  P2 should pay for itself in a resonable return-on-investment, and also in an improved regulatory status. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to reduce your wastes, costs and environmental impact by checking out some of these resources!

  • Cut Costs 

  • Lower Regulatory Liability

  • Reduce Waste

  • Protect the Environment

Pollution Prevention Links

Additional information can be found on  Florida's Sustainable Initiatives web site.




P2 Spotlights



  • Pollution Prevention Basics

  • Pollution Prevention Case Study- Florida Institute of  Technology 


    Pollution Prevention Projects

    Current through September 10, 2012

    Facility Project Type
    ACA-Camp Geneva Food freezer upgrade
    Alafaya Utilities High-service water treatment pump motor soft start mechanism
    American Bronze Foundry Ion-exchange water reclamation unit to eliminate industrial wastewater
    AmerisourceBergen Warehouse bay door upgrades
    Aviation Blade Services Helicopter blade solvent to blast media stripping
    Beyel  Bros. Crane maintenance interior high bay and exterior wall lighting upgrades
    Brevard CO Landfill litter vacuum
    Brevard Robotics Acid-to-gas replacement corrosive waste neutralization methodology in gun part plating solution
    CVS Distribution Center Drugstore item warehouse fan timers/bio-based forklift parts washer
    Canaveral Custom Boats HVLP coating equipment upgrades
    Canaveral Port Authority Environmental BMP development and training
    Contemporary Cleaners                Chlorinated to hydrocarbon-based solvent dry cleaning system
    Comfort Suites and Days Inn Guest room wall lighting upgrades and pool pump motor speed upgrades
    Covert Painting Paint spray equipment upgrades to airless and air-assisted pump-spray systems
    Daytona Beach Water treatment pump adjustable speed motor drives and lighting upgrades
    De Gusipe Funeral home HVAC upgrades
    Delta Labs Industrial coating manufacturing bay lighting upgrade
    Deltona Water treatment pump adjustable speed motor drives
    Diamondback Airboats Automated paint mixing system
    Dura-Stress Concrete batch plant wastewater reuse system

    Plating wastewater evaporator

    Plating sludge press

    Oil/water separators

    Paint gun upgrades to HVLPs

    Paint gun washer unit
    ENCO Labs Microchemistry methodology for sample solvent extraction
    Edgewater Power Boats Open-to-closed boat hull resin molding
    Eatonville Oily wastes removal from a city fleet maintenance oil-change pit and pit sealing
    Enterprise Car Rental HVAC and interior/exterior lighting upgrades
    Eustis Interior and exterior lighting upgrades
    FAR Research Distillation system for pharmaceutical intermediate by-product formulation
    FIT (University)

    Outboard motor upgrades

    Gas to electrical utility vehicles with photovoltaic cell-charging shed
    FCC Environmental Used oil transfer/storage tank filter-cleaning catch basins
    Florida Business Interiors and Lake CO Public Schools Public school bus diesel oxidation catalysts and crankcase ventilators
    Florida Production Engineering Auto parts solvent-to-water base change in painting system
    Fountain Auto Mall Paint spray equipment parts washer and solvent distillation unit
    GEL Landfill Hybrid vehicles for public school district driver training
    HIS Painting HVLP and air-assisted paint guns
    Halifax Harbor Marina Exterior pole lighting upgrades
    Hi-Tech Fabrications

    HVLP paint guns

    Paint gun washer and solvent distillation unit

    Heated tank lids

    Computerized punch press upgrade

    Holly Hill Water treatment pump adjustable motor drives
    Holmes Regional Medical Center Air handler fan modulation
    Independent Printing Low-flashing blanket wash solution and bay air handler replacement
    Indian River County Wastewater treatment chlorine dosing automation and water treatment day tank fill controls
    International Sterilization Lab Medical supply sterilization bay lighting upgrade
    Izzibath Laser-focusing device for resin chop guns used in molded bathroom fixture manufacturing
    JED Landfill Concrete debris reuse
    Juiceco Citrus Citrus processing by-product loading area containment resealing

    Lake CO Public Schools

    Gas to electric hybrid vehicles and bay lighting upgrade
    Leesburg Regional Medical Center Boiler economizers
    Magnus Hi-Tech Industries

    Fabricated metal parts paint-gun washer and solvent distillation unit

    Wastewater evaporator upgrade

    Sludge filter press

    Machine oil upgrade

    Job batching control software

    Computerized cutting machine upgrade
    Maitland Lake inlet debris removal device
    Marion CO Public Schools

    Recycled metal bin containment structure

    Waste storage shed structural improvements

    Truck lift gate to allow waste transportation with smaller vehicle
    Maritech Industries Open-to-closed small boat parts resin molding
    MedX Dry  powder system for coating spinal therapy equipment
    Monterey Mushroom Wastewater reuse for mushroom growing
    NW Sign Industries

    HVLP paint guns

    Paint gun washer and solvent distillation unit
    New Smyrna Beach Water distribution line dead-end looping
    North Brevard Funeral Home Interior lighting upgrades
    OUC (Electrical Utility) Appliance/HVAC/building upgrades at a shelter facility
    Ocala Water treatment day tank fill controls
    Orange County Lighting upgrades
    Orlando Plating Chromic acid purification unit
    Ormond Beach Routing the secondary wastewater influent pump through  the primary screening unit to remove solids when the head works is down
    Osceola County

    Diesel to biodiesel fuel use in fleet vehicles

    Biodiesel fueling infrastructure
    Orange CO Public Schools Grounds maintenance vehicle washing and pesticide-fertilizer mixing containment/recycle systems
    Orlando Utilities Commission

    Large equipment parts washer upgrade

    Larger, agitated parts washer to minimize manual washing of oversized dozer parts and maximize cleaning/solvent life
    Peninsula Metal Finishing

    Chemical inventory control software

    Heated tank lids

    Drip pads

    Cyanide-replacement plating solution
    Physician Sales & Service Medical supply software and controls to minimize hazardous waste generated from customer returns
    Piper Aircraft

    Electrostatic paint guns

    Paint booth

    Solvent distillation unit
    Poinciana Interior lighting upgrades at water /wastewater treatment facilities
    Proline Billiards

    HVLP paint guns

    Paint gun washer and solvent distillation unit
    Reed Nissan Interior lighting upgrades
    Reynolds Inliner Solvent distillation unit and chemical mix tank shape modification
    SCI-MCS Asphalt plant aggregate feed bin refurbishment
    Spiralkote Printing Digital versus chemical food container label proof manufacturing
    SVC Manufacturing Bottle conveyor belt lubricant chemical substitution to dryer version
    Seaport Canaveral Wastewater treatment aerator motor adjustable speed drives and SCADA integration
    Seminole CO Septic systems at a shelter eliminated – connection to county wastewater treatment system

    Seminole State College

    Chemical-free cooling tower wastewater recycling system

    Sensus Metering Systems Recycling blast cabinet to refurbish water meter parts
    Sign Systems HVLP paint gun and solvent distillation unit
    Society Cleaners Chlorinated-to-hydrocarbon based solvent dry cleaning system
    Stoller Chemical

    Stormwater/industrial wastewater diversion in agricultural chemical formulation

    Material loading dock reconfiguration

    Secondary containment around warehouse perimeters
    Summation Research

    Fume hood installation for solvent and acid electrical connector parts cleaning

    Manufacturing area lighting upgrade

    Cyanide-replacement plating solution

    Porous pot to extend chrome plating tank solution
    TestAmerica Wet chemistry methodology replaced with automated instrumentation
    The Inn on the Beach Sliding doors upgraded with energy-efficient versions
    Titusville Automated water line flushers
    Tyco Healthcare Solvent distillation unit to reclaim alcohol used in syringe manufacturing
    Universal Nissan HVLP paint guns and paint gun washer unit
    Volusia CO Landfill litter vacuum
    Windsor Metals (1) Electrostatic paint gun upgrades and dry powder coating incorporation into aluminum building structural component manufacturing
    Wolverine Gasket High bay lighting upgrade

    (1) Won the governor’s Small Business Sustainability award for their continued P2 efforts

    Central District Office

    3319 Maguire Blvd, Suite 232

    Orlando, Florida 32803-3767



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Last updated: March 19, 2013

  Central District Office 3319 Maguire Blvd, Suite 232 Orlando, Florida 32803-3767
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