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Electronic Documents and OCULUS     Central District

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OCULUS- Electronic Documents

OCULUS is the Electronic Document Management System used by Waste Management and Water Resource Management Programs. 

Notes about OCULUS:

  • Consolidated OCULUS was launched in June 2013. Guide to Consolidated OCULUS

  • Records Availability

    • Not all documents are available in OCULUS. Most programs have focused on ensuring that day forward documents are available in OCULUS, rather than back file conversion.  

    • Some documents may not be available in OCULUS because they are exempt public records.

  • Documents in OCULUS are filed associated with a DEP program and facility. You'll need the facility name as entered in the database or the facility ID to access documents in OCULUS. 

  • Guide to taxonomy - structure for OCULUS filing

  • Link to information about using the OCULUS popup search: Using_OCULUS_popup_search_2013_06_27.pdf

  • Information on public records in the Central District

OCULUS start dates for Programs
  • Environmental Resource Permitting - December 2011

  • Hazardous Waste - June 2006

  • NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Program) Stormwater Program - May 2010

  • Potable Water Program - March 2010

  • Tanks and Petroleum Cleanup - January 2006

  • Solid Waste - March 2007

  • Underground Injection Control - March 2010

  • Wastewater - April 2011  

  • Waste Cleanup - October 2007

  • Water Facilities Funding - 2009

  • Water Supply Restoration - 2009


Viewing .tiff files

Some Waste Management documents are in .tiff format as .tiff was the only approved format for electronic records when OCULUS began. 

Free .tiff viewers are available. The list below contains links to 3 free downloadable .tiff viewers. 











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