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 Almost everything we throw away is solid waste. 

Depending on the type of solid waste, there are specific ways to dispose of it.

    • Common garbage is municipal waste, which consists mainly of kitchen waste, paper, yard trimmings, glass, and other materials, are allowed to go to Class I landfills. These landfills have special designs to ensure contaminants are not released to the environment.

    • Industrial waste is process waste that comes from a broad range of operations. Some of that waste can go to the same landfill as common garbage. Other wastes must be handled in special ways.

    • Construction and demolition (C&D) debris can be taken to waste facilities that are permitted to accept that waste. The CD facilities do not have special designs. Therefore, disposing of chemicals or other unacceptable waste could result in contamination of the environment.

    • Asbestos containing waste must go to specially designated and permitted facilities.

    • Some wastes (such as, biomedical and radioactive waste) are regulated by other agencies in addition to DEP's requirements.



Please note: Florida DEP does not regulate the pickup and transportation of common garbage. 

If you have problems, such as your trash was not picked up, contact the utility that provides that service. This might be a local government or a private contractor.


One way to avoid disposal regulations is recycling or reusing 

Here are some examples:

    • Lead Acid Batteries (such as, car batteries) if recycled are not considered waste.

    • Used Oil and Used Oil Filters are not a hazardous waste if properly recycled.

    • Fluorescent bulb and High Intensity Discharge lamps containing mercury must be handled correctly so the mercury can be captured and recycled.

Class III and C & D Landfills June 2012 Workshop

About active and old dumps and landfills in the Central District

Electronic submittal-- water quality monitoring data for solid waste facilities

Maps of known active and closed landfills/old dump sites

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Central District Office

Solid Waste Section

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Waste Mgmt. phone: 407-897-4304

Waste Mgmt. fax: 850 412-0461


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