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Landfill Information Exchange Meeting     Central District Highlights

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Tom Lubozynski, PE

Waste Program Administrator


Solid Waste Directors' Landfill Information Exchange Meeting

September 10, 2008

Topics Presentation Links Presenters
Welcome / Introductions    
Agenda .pdf (13 kb)  
Hurricane Preparedness and Tracking .pdf (2,263 kb) Tom Lubozynski PE
Household Hazardous Waste .pdf (3,585 kb) Janine Kraemer
Biofuel, Recycling of Restaurant Grease, Recycling Goals .pdf (86 kb) Tom Lubozynski PE
Characterization of Solid Waste Violations .pdf (7,104 kb) Gloria-Jean DePradine and Tom Lubozynski PE

Discussion, DEP memos

Spotter location

 Class III Waste

Class III Waste Policy Memo .pdf 1,245 kb Gloria-Jean DePradine and Tom Lubozynski PE
Open Discussion / Plan Next Meeting

Landfill Tour (optional)



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