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What is a Public Water System?


A public water system is one that provides drinking water to 25 or more people for at least 60 days each year or serves 15 or more service connections. Public water systems may be publicly or privately owned and operated.  There are 3 categories of public water systems. 


Community Water Systems:

Provide water to residences and businesses that range in size from small mobile home parks to large city utilities.  These systems have at least 15 service connections used by year-round residents or regularly serve at least 25 year-round residents.  Examples are cities, subdivisions, mobile home communities and prisons.


Non-Transient Non-Community Water Systems:

Provide water to at least 25 of the same people for six or more months each year. Examples are facilities such as schools, child care centers, and businesses.


Transient Non-Community Water Systems:

Provide water to at least 25 people, at least sixty days out of the year. Examples are facilities such as restaurants, motels, interstate rest stops, churches and camp grounds. 


Consecutive Water Systems:

Buys or otherwise receives some or all of its drinking water from one or more other public water systems at least 60 days per year.  A consecutive system is either a "community water system" or a "non-community water system."


None of the above apply?


Private Wells?

  • Drilling of water wells, both public and private, and the quantities of water that may be extracted, are regulated by the Water Management Districts, and in some cases, local county health departments.  The St. Johns River, South Florida, and Southwest Florida Water Management Districts regulate drinking water wells in the Central District.


Bottled Water?




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Central District

Drinking Water Section

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Orlando, Florida 32803-3767


All Purpose Fax: 850-412-0467

Dedicated MOR Fax: 850-412-0740

Incident Reporting and Chemical/Bacteriological Reporting Fax: 850-412-0482


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