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Drinking Water Permitting     Central District Highlights

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Caroline Shine, Environmental Administrator


Drinking Water Permits & Clearances are issued to ensure the safety of Drinking Water


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New Drinking Water Permit Fees, effective 04/21/2009.  


Good News!


You can submit electronic applications and comply with the PE Sign, Seal, and Requirements.   

In order to provide better customer service and faster processing, applicants can submit all Central District Drinking Water permitting and clearance documents electronically in Portable Document Format (pdf), including those which are required to be sealed by professional engineers. 

The Central District updated its Standard Operating Procedure on March 17, 2014 to include the Florida Board of Professional Engineers requirements outlined in 61G15-23.003 FAC Procedures for Signing and Sealing Electronically Transmitted Plans, Specifications, Reports or Other Documents. The SOP’s Electronic Signature Process has been verified to be acceptable to the FBPE.

Applicant will send in:

   1) Separate Engineer Report Sheet – This sheet will be printed with the professional engineer’s name, license number, sealing date, project name and description, PWS#, the computer’s SHA-1 number for the listed electronic documents (see your PDF instructions for the location of this number). The sheet would then be signed, sealed, and dated manually. Scan the completed sheet and send electronically  along with the other electronic document(s). The PE must retain the sheet in hardcopy for the record.

   2) Separate Documents (application, plans, clearance package, RAI, etc.)

On the cover letter, please type in bold capital letters: “ELECTRONIC PW PERMIT APPLICATION SUBMITTAL. PAYMENT WILL BE SENT BY MAIL.”  Please do not send a check prior to the electronic submission. The check should be sent immediately afterward by mail, annotated with the name of the Project, Facility, and PWS.


1.       PDF Drawings should be 11 x 17 inches (the original drawings must be drawn to scale). All necessary information must be clear and legible.

2.       Permitting drawings and specifications must be signed, sealed, and dated by engineer of record. The official signed and sealed engineer sheet referenced above must be sent to meet FBPE requirements for electronic submittal.

3.       Send completed applications and submittal package, properly signed, sealed and dated  to  DEP_CD@dep.state.fl.us, and copy Caroline.shine@dep.state.fl.us (if Drinking Water); and kris.tulloch@dep.state.fl.us. Large document sets can be sent to the  FTP site at: ftp://ftp.dep.state.fl.us/pub/incoming/Central_District/

4.       The Department will process the application upon receipt of the check.

5.       RAI responses can be submitted in PDF to  DEP_CD@dep.state.fl.us, with a  copy the engineer.

6.       Clearance document packages can be submitted in PDF to DEP_CD@dep.state.fl.us, with a copy to the engineer.

 The applicant will have the option to pay online and submit the application online in the near future through the FDEP Business Portal.


  • Mailing and Shipping Costs

  • Faster Processing

  • Printing Costs

  • Less Filing and Storage Spaces

Permit Application Information

The Department delegated Permitting, Compliance and Monitoring responsibilities for Volusia County to the Volusia County Health Department.  Please contact the Volusia County Health Department for information about drinking water, facilities or permits in Volusia County.

1845 Holsonback Dr

Daytona Bch, FL 32117

(386) 736-5436

Volusia Co Health Dept web site


Mailing Address:

Volusia County Health Department

P.O. Box 9190 - Bin #180

Daytona Beach, FL.  32120-9190


There are Two Types of Drinking Water Permits

  • WC= Water Construction, these are typically new  or modifications to Water Treatment Plants

  • WD= Water Distribution, these are typically piping that carries drinking water from the treatment plant to the consumer

Drinking Water Permits for Water Main Extensions

Here is a PowerPoint Presentation: Permitting for Water Main Extensions

    Note: PowerPoint viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft.com


What is an RAI? 

  • A RAI is a Request for Additional Information. 

  • RAIs are issued for permit applications and clearances when more information or clarification is needed.





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Incident Reporting and Chemical/Bacteriological Reporting Fax: 850-412-0482


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Last updated: March 25, 2014

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