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Caroline Shine, Environmental Administrator


Drinking Water Permits & Clearances are issued to ensure the safety of Drinking Water



To ensure Drinking Water Safety, after a Drinking Water System is constructed, Clearance is requested, by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer. The Department reviews the submitted information and clears the system for use.  After the Department issues a Certificate of Clearance, the system can be used.


Three 3 Types of Clearances

  • P= Partial.  One or more sections of a project have been completed and are ready to be put into service.

  • T= Total.  All sections of the project have been completed and are ready to be put into service.

  • F= Final.  This clearance is the last partial to make a project complete.


Suggested Timelines for Clearances

Chapter 62-555, F.A.C lists suggested timelines for issuing a clearance.  The actual time depends on a variety of factors including completeness of the request and the number pending or under review.   Clearances are reviewed in the order they are received.  Clearances are not issued or effective by default.   Please note: submitted clearances should include a copy of the permit.


Suggested timelines for completed clearance requests are

  • 14 days for General Permits

  • 30 days for Specific Permits

Link to Excel Spreadsheet listing status of Clearance Requests  Last update- 05/19/2011

    Note: Excel viewer can be downloaded from Microsoft.com



Summary of Drinking Water Rules




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Last updated: June 25, 2013

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