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Asbestos Cement Pipe - Central District Highlights

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Caroline Shine, Environmental Administrator



Asbestos Cement Pipe



These pipes are sometimes used for conveyance of Drinking Water. At intervals, notification is sent to the Department that pipes contain asbestos.



Per Rule 62-555.520(1)(c)(2), F.A.C.


No construction permit is required for the types of work or alterations listed in subparagraphs 1 through 5 below. However, suppliers of water shall submit written notification to the Department before beginning such work or alterations. Each notification. shall include the following:


  • A description of the scope, purpose, and location of the work or alterations; and assurance that the work or alterations will comply with applicable requirements in Part III of this chapter, including applicable requirements in the engineering references listed in Rule 62-555.330, F.A.C.


  • Suppliers of water may begin such work or alterations 14 days after providing notification to the Department unless they are advised by the Department that the notification is incomplete or that a construction permit is required because the work/alterations is/are not of a type listed under this paragraph.


Replacement of any existing water main with a new main at the same location as the existing main, provided the new main will be either the same size as the existing main, no more than two sizes larger than the existing main, or no larger than the minimum size required or recommended in Recommended Standards for Water Works as incorporated into Rule 62-555.330, F.A.C.


Fragments created by pipe bursting of asbestos concrete pipes might be considered friable asbestos material that is subject to regulation under the Asbestos National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP). The water supplier should contact the DEP Air Program to determine what, if anything, the water supplier will have to do to comply with Asbestos NESHAP regulations.


Central District Asbestos Coordinator

Mary Lawrence





Summary of Drinking Water Rules




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