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Pollution Prevention for Drinking Water


      Pollution Prevention (P2) is a business model that encourages industry to conserve resources, reduce waste and recycle on site, in order of priority. Reducing use of resources (raw materials, virgin chemicals, water and energy) at the front end, we can often minimize waste (hazardous  waste, solid waste, wastewater and air emissions) at the back end. Resource conservation and waste reduction are even more desirable than recycling because the resources contributing to wastes are never used.  P2 should pay for itself in a resonable return-on-investment, and also in an improved regulatory status.  More on pollution prevention


The table below outlines potention pollution prevention opportunities for public water systems.




Resource Saved

Waste Reduced

Pump Motors

·         Variable Frequency/Adjustable Speed Drives

·         Load balancers

·         Energy



·         CFLs

·         T-5s, 8s

·         HID/Pulse Start Metal Halides

·         Induction Lamps

·         LEDs/Electronic Ballasts

·         Lighting Controls

·         Energy

·         Materials

·         Hazardous Waste

·         Solid Waste

·         Labor


·         SEER upgrades

·         Programmable thermostats

·         Occupancy sensors

·         Energy Management Systems

·         Scheduled maintenance

·         Energy

·         Materials

·         Labor


·         Gas Cl Disinfection substitutes

·         Caustic soda as lime substitute

·         Day tank filling monitoring-controls

·         Chemical Secondary containments

·         Chemical dosing-monitoring automation

·         Increased contact time-surface area

·         Chemicals

·         Water

·         Hazardous Waste

·         Industrial Wastewater

·         Sludge


·         Line looping and flushing improvements

·         Automated line flushing

·         Leak detection system

·         Chemicals

·         Water

·         Domestic Wastewater


·         Metered systems

·         Cut off valves

·         Sensors and alarms

·         Scheduled preventive maintenance

·         Automated systems

·         SCADA upgrades

·         Chemicals

·         Energy

·         Water

·         Hazardous Waste

·         Industrial Wastewater

·         Solid Waste

·         Sludge





Drinking Water Contacts:   Compliance Assurance and Permitting Contacts

Central District

Drinking Water Section

3319 Maguire Blvd., Suite 232

Orlando, Florida 32803-3767


All Purpose Fax: 850-412-0467

Dedicated MOR Fax: 850-412-0740

Incident Reporting and Chemical/Bacteriological Reporting Fax: 850-412-0482


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Last updated: April 03, 2013

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