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Primary Inorganics and Organic Sampling Drinking Water     Central District Highlights


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Primary Inorganics and Organics



  • All public water systems in the State of Florida are required to conduct chemical sampling in accordance with Chapter 62-550 of the Florida Administrative Code.


What chemicals must be sampled for?

  • There are three different chemical groups, each of which contain a variety of contaminants that must be sampled.  Click each group name for a list of contaminants and their MCLs. [Each contaminant will be a link to their MCL tables]

    Fertilizer Bag, Primary Inorganic Contaminant


    Pesticide- Synthetic Organic Contaminants
    Fuel Nozzle- Volatile Organic Contaminants


Who is required to sample?

  • All non-transient non-community and community public water systems must sample for the above contaminants.

  • Transient non-community water systems must only sample for nitrate and nitrite.



When is sampling required?

  • All public water systems must sample for nitrate and nitrite annually.

  • Generally, the remaining chemicals in the groups listed above must be sampled at least triennially.

  • Sampling schedules may vary from system to system based on number of past samples collected and past results.


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Last updated: March 24, 2014

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