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Information on Country Club Estates Additional Information & Links


Country Club Estates Information

Welcome to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection website regarding Country Club Estates located in Volusia County. In the area of County Club Estates, the Department has conducted a site investigation in an effort to determine the source and extent of dieldrin contamination. Additionally, homeowners with known contamination have been provided a safe supply of drinking water. The Department is committed to protecting public health and the environment, and we want the community to feel informed and aware.

To share site investigation results and to provide community updates, the Department hosted a community meeting in coordination with the City of DeLand and the Volusia County Health Department on July 17th, 2012 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Links to the presentations from the Department's Site Investigation Section and Water Supply Restoration Program, as well as the City of DeLand and the Volusia County Health Department are below.



CCE- Country Club Estates

DEP- Department of Environmental Protection

DOH- Department of Health

EDB- Ethylene dibromide

FTP- File transfer protocal- used to provide access to documents too large for e-mail

HAL- Health Advisory Level

MDL- Method Detection Limit

SIS- Site Investiogation Section, Department of Environmental Protection

SJRWMD- St. Johns River Water Management District

VCHD- Volusia County Health Department

WSRP- Water Supply Restoration Program, Department of Environmental Protection



New graphicSite Investigation Section (SIS):

The Site Investigation Section Report with appendices and Appendix A part 1are large files.  These may load slowly.


Last updated: October 04, 2012

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