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Public Records Requests - Central District

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Public Records Requests


  • Records are available during business hours: 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  • It is not necessary for you to make an appointment to review files. We do recommend that you make an appointment so that we can facilitate your search.

  • If you will need copies of files: You may use the copier provided for a maximum of 30 copies at no charge. If greater than 30 copies are needed, the fee of .15 cents per page would apply to the entire job (i.e. a total of 75 pages produced x .15/page = $11.25). Please make checks payable to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

  • The Department has many online resources to help with data and information requests. You'll find a list of some of those resources on our web page DEP data and information online.

  • If you have a request for records from multiple sections, please contact the district's Public Records team: 

    Notes about Records Requests:

  • This information will help you locate facilities/sites for your records requests

  • The more information you provide, the better.

  • Name variations, misspellings and incorrect addresses may not indicate the existence of actual files. Sometimes sites have multiple names. Sometimes roads are known by more than one name.

  • Most records are located using a combination of facility/site name and physical address.

  • Parcel numbers are not used as a reference in Department regulatory data systems.

  • It is virtually impossible for us to search the database for an “adjacent property”.


    Please direct records requests - multiple programs to the Public Records team:

  • Central District Files are maintained by section. Following is a list of Central District sections and contact information for records assistance. Files are usually maintained with the current name of a facility. 



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