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Web links for Florida Department of Environmental Protection data, information and records on line:

Air--GIS--Permitting--State Lands--Waste--Water--U.S.E.P.A.

Public Access Tools



DEP Business Portal



This information will help you locate facilities/sites for your records requests



Air Resource Management

Air Quality Information



Air Compliance and Enforcement



Air Permitting


GIS (Geographical Information Systems)

GIS Portal



Map Direct Gateway, formerly CA (Consolidated web mapping Application)


Map Direct Users Guide [.pdf file, 1859 KB ]

PASS (Permitting Application Subscription Service)

The Department of Environmental recently launched a new system for e-mail notification of permit applications for the public. The Permitting Application Subscription Service, or PASS, allows the public to receive e-mail alerts when permit applications are submitted to DEP. 


Permitting Application Information- including applications currently under review



State Lands Document Searches

Land Document & Title Search: This is an internet portal to the Florida Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund (TIITF) State Lands Records archived with the Division of State Lands in Tallahassee, Florida.


State Lands Document Search: This is the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Division of State Lands, Board of Trustees Land Document System. Here, we have collected data and electronic images for thousands of active and historical documents maintained by the Division of State Lands.

Waste Management, including Brownfields, Dry Cleaners, Hazardous Waste, Institutional Controls Registry, Storage Tanks, Solid Waste, Waste Cleanup

Waste Management Data and Information

OCULUS- Document Management System

Waste Management Data and Information Searches

  • Contamination Locator Map

  • Hazardous Waste Handler Search

    Search for facilities by name, address, city, or county. If you are looking for a specific site, it is suggested you search by address by entering the address number followed by the "%" wildcard symbol. Select the County the address is in to narrow the search. Then click on Handler Search.  This will return all sites in the county that have that address. Site names are not a reliable way of searching as the name of a facility can change with each new owner or for other reasons.

    From the search results screen, you can select the letter "D" and a listing of all hazardous waste documents presently in OCULUS (DEP's document management system currently used by waste management,) will be presented in date order.  Use netuser for the username and password to sign in to OCULUS.  OCULUS is DEP's document management system currently used by Waste Management, for public access.

  • Institutional Controls Registry

Water Resources Management, including Drinking Water, Environmental Resource Permitting, Wastewater, Watershed Management, TMDLS

OCULUS- electronic document management system

Water Resource Management Data and Information



Florida Department of State

Florida Department of Transportation- Aerial Photo Lookup

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Envirofacts data warehouse.





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