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DEP Personnel Services
There’s a reason for the “Services” part of our Bureau name. We’re committed to providing customers with the highest quality, most responsive personnel services in support of their operational objectives. It is the reason, the only reason, we’re here. We want to know from customers that we’re meeting our standards and their expectations for service delivery.

We recognize employees need our services quickly and reliably. Employees may expect to have calls returned within one business day or less. If the personnel representative employees ask for is not in, someone else will be available to address any immediate need they may have. Employees may normally expect to receive answers to questions or requested information within one business day.

We pledge to provide most other services within one business week or less. Where we cannot meet these standards for any reason, employees may expect us to tell them when they can expect to receive the service they want. Employees may expect us to give them consistently accurate, reliable, and thorough information, interpretations, and answers to their questions, and to follow up when we tell them we will.

Continually improving service quality and responsiveness to employee needs is our commitment to them. We’re always looking for ways to better meet employees’ needs and reduce their administrative burdens. We pride ourselves on listening to employees and responding to their concerns. We count on employees to help us know how we can serve them better!


Mailing Address:
Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Personnel Services
3900 Commonwealth Blvd, MS-70
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000

Physical Location:
3800 Commonwealth Blvd, Room 160
Tallahassee, Florida

Phone: 850-245-2511 

Fax: 850-245-2545


Russel Frydenborg demonstrates a  water quality meter

Russel Frydenborg, a field biologist with the Bureau of Laboratories, demonstrates the use of a multi-parameter water quality meter at Wakulla Springs State Park to high school students. The students from Florida A&M Developmental Research School participated in the lab in preparation for the Year of Clean Water Conference in Washington, D.C.